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How It Works

Science Stories brings scientific work into social spaces. Communicating scientific information in spaces where people can discover it in-context creates a jumping-off point for further exploration. For an institution with cultural heritage collections, there are many scientific resources held in libraries, archives, museums and galleries that are not yet available on the web. We provide a web application that leverages linked open data, the International Image Interoperability Framework, the Wikidata knowledge base, and semantic web technologies to demonstrate a vision of what getting scientific work products and scientific information into social spaces can do.

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High-Performance Annotating

They say a picture has 1,000 words. Well... we can help you find a few of them. Our image annotation engine performs real-time lookups of Wikidata and Wikipedia to fill you in on what you are looking at.

Watch and Learn

We embed and aggregate videos from YouTube to bring our Stories to life. From interviews to biographies, we have currated many Stories containing video content.

Reseach Re-imagined

Science Stories offers a new approach for discovering resources in print and on the web. Because we use content collections from leading institutions and museums along with data sources from accessible re-usable data stores, we are able to provide researchers with embeded external webpages, scanned books and manuscripts, and even Wikipedia articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide who gets a science story?
We work from print materials such as biographical dictionaries and biographical sketches. We also consult archival material.

Why are there more historical figures than living people in Science Stories?
Currently there are more historical figures than living people in Science Stories because we ask for consent from living people before creating a new story. If you would like us to tell your story, please email us at

How can I nominate someone for a science story?
We look forward to hearing of your nomination. Please email us the name of the person at