Your contribution will help us change the future

Science Stories currently operates on a small team of volunteers. We aim to one day use this platform as a community that forms a bridge used to close the gender and representation gap that so heavily impacts the web. Generous members like you have allowed our teams, collaborators, partners, and visitors to grow our social platform in a way that promotes our values and mission to enrich the world-wide web with curated content that strives to unforget the stories of incredible people each and every day. The Science Stories Team significantly appreciates your gift!

What your gift goes to

Financial gifts to Science Stories helps our team in the following ways:
Making Science Stories accessible to a wider audience
Digitizing archived printed media to have a first-time web presence
Promoting STEM in under-represented communities
Assisting with application support and maintenance costs
Helping fund our content data storage services
Initiating software developments for Science Stories to be optimized on more devices
Creating and designing educational material for classrooms to utilize our platform’s content
Establishing partnerships with libraries, museums, archives, galleries, and other cultural heritage institutions to promote open information accessibility of their catalogs
Purchasing licenses to display more content in more interactive ways
Participating in and presenting at Conferences relevant to our mission
Building tools to help our curators find, analyze, and contribute more content
Keeping Science Stories free and open source software
Growing the Science Stories Family