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Williamina P. Fleming, photographic portrait, ca. 1890

Williamina Fleming worked at the Harvard College Observatory. She analyized stellar photographs and computed data

Observatory computer room and staff in 1891

The women depicted in this photograph analyized stellar photographs and computed data at the Harvard College Observatory. Fleming is standing in the middle.

Camera used at Harvard College Observatory for observations of stellar spectra. Williamina Fleming was one of the astronomers who analyzed the data.

Williamina Fleming at Harvard College Observatory plate stacks, ca. 1900

Harvard College Observatory stack room

The Harvard College Observatory stack room held 56,000 glass photographic plates showing the history ofthe entire stellar universe. Plates were created between 1885 to 1901. The capacity of the adjoining stack room, which contained the later plates, was 105,000. Williamina Fleming was one of the astronomers who analyzed the data from these plates.

Journal of Dr. Fleming from 1900

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